Year end post – Commission from the ranks, some gaming talk, and final thoughts for 2017.

Hello folks;


2017 is nearly at an end, and I have seldom posted these past few months so let us get on to business to end things off for 2017.


Commissioning from the ranks should be a military’s first option; having some college kid take command of a unit straight out of Officer School with a degree is not what I would call a smart move. Quite often police departments tend to have their constables work their way up, making it a real meritocracy whereas in the military the Officer/Enlisted divide is a holdover from an age where birth and social status was an indicator of success in life.


When an army commissions from the ranks the relationship between soldier and officer is more concrete; quite often soldiers will not respect an officer who has little to no actual military experience and yet a country trusts them to take command and lead the troopers into action. Indeed it is the NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers; your sergeants, corporals and so on) who are often the ones to take charge of a squad and lead the soldiers into action, and when the officer fails to use their brain they have to take charge of the situation and set a good example for others to follow. Now imagine if the Officer Corps commissioned from the NCO corps; imagine all that experience transferring over to a more senior command – would that not work better than direct commission?


Countries need to adapt to a changing world, and commissioning from the ranks is a positive step forward – do away with this archaic practice and see that the military becomes a true meritocracy rather than a place where social stratification is amplified and upheld.


This year’s gaming scene has been somewhat of a disappointment; perhaps it is the lack of time, perhaps it is the fact that the new releases that showed promise (ie: Battlefront 2) failed to live up to expectations.


This far into a gaming life so to speak one should be accustomed to disappointment, and yet it still strikes hard when a game fails to deliver on a promise or fall flat on its face after telling the market audience that it will not do just that. Battlefront 2 was a failure not the least bit because the Empire story arc turned into a generic turncoat soap opera, and Call of Duty WW2 made what was to be a serious topic (concentration camps) into some cheap heart-string moment – this followed up by over the top explosions because, apparently, the audience has an attention span that requires constant stimulation in order to remain focused lest they wander off onto Instagram and forget about the game.


Going into 2018 I hope that the gaming scene develops some interesting stories for us to enjoy as Gamers; while this is a real case of wishful thinking one must maintain optimism when it comes to our favourite pastime. 2017 for gaming was trash; even more so for films that were shown on the big screen as the Last Jedi turned out to be a flop, Transformers the Last Knight was poorly done, and I forgot the other films that were released – I have not even set foot in a theater this year, it was that bad.


Anyways folks this concludes the year end post for 2017 – thanks for sticking around and we shall see you in the new year (teleportation spell activated).


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