I finally saw the Last Jedi…



Earlier in the week I finally got the chance to watch Star Wars The Last Jedi – the movie was quite good. Coming from the perspective of someone who has experience with the books a lot of the material fits together well and the movie made sense (minus the Princess going Superman back into the destroyed bridge of the cruiser).


Indeed I waited for a few weeks in order to gather as much intelligence as I could on the product before jumping into the pile, and it seems that after some time had passed the film started to click with some people; I did watch both reviews from Angry Joe (the initial review and the 2nd and 3rd screenings) and after he relented on the subject matter I started to dive deeper into the film and pick out what made it good and what left audiences disappointed.


While it is a shame to see Luke die in the film, it was a nice conclusion to his life – the watching of the twin suns rising as he faded into the Force was very poetic and the imagery was done well to convey the passing of someone in peace, rather than in pain and misery.


The bomber scene was something people picked on quite a lot, and to that one has to argue that if you wanted realism in a film taking place in space then explosions should not exist (ships should just crumple as there is no air to fuel fire in space; they would also shatter like glass and break into tiny pieces as there is no air to fuel an external fire – no plume of flame bursting out from the superstructure), sounds should not be heard (no audio in space minus whatever is internal to the ships themselves), and missiles wouldn’t work as there is no air for explosions so the projectile would just smack into the intended target and leave a giant hole while not detonating.


Should one wish to imagine a real-life space battle, one would have to think of MAC guns from Halo (Magnetically Accelerated Cannons); essentially one is firing a solid projectile straight at a target requiring direct line of sight, and the projectile would penetrate through the target rather than cause an explosion (though internally the ship would catch fire, vent atmosphere, etc).


Finally Kylo killing Snoke was a nice nod to the fact that the Rule of Two emphasized the need for the apprentice to kill the master and take their place. Indeed the Rule of Two ended with Vader and Sidious but Snoke and Kylo seemed to have carried on the tradition without actually being aware of it – this was left largely to the audience to interpret and digest. Kylo taking over the First Order was the natural path of progression as a student of the dark side would know that in the end they must take power in order to progress – peace is a lie, there is only passion.


Furthermore Rey’s origins being a bit of a let down could be written off as Kylo either lying to Rey in her moment of emotional distress, or that the director wanted to break away from the Skywalker family tree; force-sensitive beings come from all over the galaxy, and considering that the films wanted to end the Skywalker saga this is not at all surprising. Sure we would have liked to see our fan theories about Rey play out (Snoke included) but they are just that, fan theories – the director and script writers have the final say in this matter, rather than the audience.


Now where am I headed with all of this rambling? The point to be made is the directors are working with a science fiction franchise; none of it has to be realistic as it is not a documentary, and ownership of the fictional universe belongs to the studios that have a license to them and to the creators – we are simply the end consumer of said product. Now would I say the same if the film was poorly acted, the story poorly written, and the cinematography in general of poor quality? Yes, but I would further add that I can simply avoid the film; considering it is week five of the Last Jedi being in theaters and my viewing was a full house I hope in this particular case that the money speaks louder than the criticisms – I want more films, and if this film in the end it turned out alright then the others ought to be satisfactory.


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