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Monster Hunter World: I caved…

Well, here I am hanging my head in shame as I indulge my deep desires to hunt dangerous wildlife – what basically happened is I bought Monster Hunter World after telling myself: “I will wait until it goes on sale…”



Now enough self-pity; the game is fantastic – beautiful world, a huge sense of wonder, and lots of dangerous giant beasts to kill and carve up like the good specialist hunters we are in-game. The game itself is pretty self-explanatory: you hunt monsters. While watching livestreams of the game over the week I decided to jump into it and it hasn’t disappointed me thus far (third party Xbox One textpad/chatpad not withstanding). The cycle is very basic for how the game works: you prep, you hunt, you harvest, you craft, and you repeat. The game it built to be played with multiple people, however thus far I have traveled alone and the game isn’t unplayable solo – some beasts will be hard to kill but they bleed so they can be killed (thanks Arnold).


Now I’m not too far into the game so I cannot speak much on the end-game content, but for someone new to the game and completely unfamiliar with the universe or supposed: “right way to play” the game does a good job in teaching you how to play – there are no issues there. Feel free to give it a shot if this sort of game interests you; I tried to resist as best I could but on Thursday I finally caved and spent the hard-earned dollars on the game because I am man-enough to pay for my own addictions (I’m looking at you Shepard).


Now folks, take care and we shall talk later.