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E3 2018 Nintendo presentation.

Alright here we are, the final stretch;


Nintendo did not have a stage this year as they continue the tradition of prerecorded digital presentations: I will spare you the details and talk about what I noticed the most from this colourful company.


There was a ton of Super Smash Bros – almost like they were releasing a new title for the long-running series.


Humor aside they are, and that took up a chunk of the presentation as well as the Tree House segment that took place afterwards. Despite this rather stellar news there was no Metroid announcements; apparently fans were very disappointed at the lack of Metroid this year at E3 so that was noted.


Overall the Switch seems to be going strong with a lot of third-party titles releasing versions of already available games on the console and new titles were seeing Nintendo Switch variants as well – this is a far cry from back when the Wii only featured a limited library of games and almost seemed like Nintendo ducked out of the console market to plot its own course and let Sony and Microsoft slaughter one another in the arena. Overall very good to see Nintendo feature more titles, and the Switch really is a unique console combining home use with a tablet-like feature that lets players – well – play wherever they want: try not to drop it in the toilet like you did your phone, okay?


Now there was a ton of other items that were covered, but seeing as my memory is a bit fuzzy from a few days ago I will link the full presentation below: have fun folks and we shall see you later.


E3 2018 Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Sony Press Conferences.

Rapid-fire mode active: let’s do this.

Ubisoft; surprised to see their presentation featured a different host this year around. While many of the titles they showcased were geared towards a more youthful audience, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey stuck out for me as something worth picking up in the near future.


Indeed Odyssey is coming out this year so there’s that to look forward towards; it has been a long time since I was interested in an Assassin’s Creed game and Odyssey with branching dialogue and ancient Greek setting has me intrigued. What makes it more enticing is that the game will be available later on this year – not next year like every other title I am interested in but this year, excellent news.


The Division 2 looks promising; I expect it will have the same gameplay as the first title but here is hoping it brings something a bit more interesting than the first – the original game was not too appealing to me.


Overall Ubisoft’s conference was quite nice; well put together and presented, and the live music made it all the more enjoyable.


Square Enix; the presentation felt a lot like the Nintendo presentation (more on that one later). While there was some gameplay, it was trailer after trailer and since a lot of the titles were for the PS4 I wasn’t too excited as I sat there watching the presentation. Now with regards to some folks saying that EA was better than Square, at least Square did not throw investment files at the audience – small victories.


One final note for Square; Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks incredible – I will be keeping tabs on that one as it comes out in September.


Lastly we have Sony; the presentation felt odd, disjointed even. Sure it was the style of the company to present it via an interactive venue, but after their presentation was over they had their own livestreamers talk at a sort of news desk and I was left sitting there thinking: “was…was that it – is there more?”


Ghost of Tsushima looked incredible; out of all the titles revealed there Ghost of Tsushima has me excited as much as Horizon Zero Dawn did back during that game’s announcement (and I don’t even own a PS4 – how good was that?).


The Last of Us Part 2 was presented nicely, and Death Stranding was creepy with their floating ghosts and weird setting – definitely not a storytelling style I am used to so here is to new horizons (yes yes I know, I used “horizon,” I had no better word for it, okay?).


Overall Ubisoft and Sony had good presentations, and I was quite happy with what I saw yesterday. Now I hope to finish the Nintendo Press Conference (digital presentation) so stay tuned for that one within the next few days (hopefully; no promises). Anyways folks have a good night and I shall see you soon.

E3 2018 Bethesda Press Conference.

Okay last thirty minutes before lights out – let’s do this.


Bethesda; a ton of game trailers, a good portion of which are for games that will be available this year – excellent.


There were a couple mobile games which despite being mobile looked promising – namely the Elder Scrolls title they are set to release. Sure it is not Elder Scrolls 6 (which was teased at the very end) but it isn’t total trash either – you win some you lose some.


Doom was teased but no gameplay, a new Wolfenstein is coming but next year, and Fallout 76 will have multiplayer – that last one was interesting. Indeed you will be able to solo the game, but online multiplayer will be a feature for the game; this will probably come out looking like Borderlands 2 in regards to how they execute their multiplayer (side note: they mentioned the game will be entirely online – no offline mode?).


Borderlands 2 did a drop-in, drop-out system but you could still solo the game entirely and not have a single other person playing; we shall see as the game arrives closer to release date.


Rage 2, sorry to say folks I am not much of a fan of the series so I have little to say on that title except this: it feels like Bulletstorm (and that game I enjoyed). Tons of action, lots of bouncing off walls, and if the presentation is anything to go by it will not be a boring: “boots on the ground” title.


Overall a very enjoyable experience – tomorrow it’s Ubisoft, Square Enix and Sony; I might cover one or all three but chances are it will just be Sony as I will lack the time available to cover the other 2 studios. However with that said I hope to have something by Saturday for the other two but to avoid putting pressure on myself it will not be a promise rather a “may happen,” the Sony conference, however, is a will happen (well, hopefully).


Have a good night folks, and we shall see you later.

E3 2018 Microsoft Press Conference.

Right well that was a rather lovely press conference; I missed out on the first hour so I had to watch the recorded video in order to get a better impression of what the press conference covered (I also watched the last bit of the EA conference – more on that later).


Kicking things off we got a ton of trailers; while it was a treat to watch them all I felt as though they skipped out on the gameplay footage and just dived deep into the trailers pool and never stopped diving. The games they covered ranged from the new Halo Infinite to Gears 5 and a ton of Indie titles: it was great, except no gameplay to demo, just scripted “gameplay” with a lot of cinematic trailers (all with in-game engines though so that was a plus).


While titles like Gears 5 and so on got me excited, when I saw the release dates (or supposed release dates) it was all next year – great. Sure I like what we have now, but I wish they would announce games that were coming out this year (Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks to be out this coming September – well the shot from the stream was far off so the “8” looked like a “9” but we’ll go with 8 for now). Halo Infinite only had a trailer, so it was not something that got the juices flowing, but Gears 5 had a section of story ready to go; yet we will not see it until sometime in 2019 – a real shame.


Overall it was a rather good conference, and after the one EA put out it re-kindled some optimism in this year’s E3 – let us see what Bethesda has in store, and tomorrow it’s Sony, Ubisoft, and Square Enix.


Now I said I’d touch on the EA conference; the last bit was about Anthem and they did show off some “gameplay” and it looked real promising. Sure what the developers said “would be” might not be possible with current software limitations but it nonetheless looks like something worth my time and money – waiting to see more as the coming week progresses.


Overall the EA presentation felt like more of an investors conference than one for gamers. Sure Microsoft touched on new services, but briefly and with little fuss; EA just dumped their business files onto the table and said: “here you go folks – MONEY TIME!” Overall I was not – and am still not – impressed with the EA conference.


Anyways folks, link to the Microsoft Press Conference will be located below: watch when you can, and stay tuned for the Bethesda conference after action thoughts (well, probably tomorrow – I might have to miss the conference or miss writing down my thoughts until tomorrow due to work the next day which requires me to be up early). Until then readers stay happy and we shall see you soon.

E3 2018 EA Press Conference.

What the….


Alright let us get into the meat and potatoes and skip the appetizers; they talked about Battlefield V (“five” in Roman numerals), a ton of sports games, and then a mobile game (Command and Conquer), an indie title, and Anthem (which I missed due to lunch).


Can I just say that this press conference really felt lackluster – is that too much to say? What people wanted to see was divided up as usual, but this time around the announcements (“announcements,” a lot of the titles were leaked or announced earlier) felt limited, and the rest of the time it was: “we have a new mobile game, let us show you more sports – you’re gonna love it!”


This press conference had a good host, but it felt handicapped and that was a huge letdown. The company seems more focused on streaming, subscriptions, and other “casual” markets like mobile gaming and sports and less focused on what many would label as: “in-depth, hardcore” titles.


While it may seem all doom and gloom I am excited for Battlefield V; yes yes I hear it now: “they have women in the game, grrr!!” Last I checked the company focuses on fun rather than realism; Tripwire Interactive with their Rising Storm/Red Orchestra series, the fellows who made Verdun, and another studio whose name slips my mind presently are the ones you want to go to (also the guys who made the Arma series, though they focus more so on modern warfare and less so on historical events) if you want your realistic military fix – when the game comes out I will judge it then because a finished product is accurate whereas beta gameplay and trailers are not.

Anthem; looks promising, but all I saw was trailer footage – can’t say much more on it other than it looks interesting, keeping tabs on it might be a good idea.


EA’s 2018 E3 press conference; a bit of a letdown – at the time of writing the upload of the event is unavailable but I would encourage you readers to check out Youtube by searching: “E3 2018 EA Press Conference” should you wish to watch the event. Thanks for reading folks; I hope to have the Microsoft and Bethesda conferences covered here on Thoughts and Topics and write down my opinions on the two before the day is out – take care and we shall see you next time.

Monster Hunter World: I caved…

Well, here I am hanging my head in shame as I indulge my deep desires to hunt dangerous wildlife – what basically happened is I bought Monster Hunter World after telling myself: “I will wait until it goes on sale…”



Now enough self-pity; the game is fantastic – beautiful world, a huge sense of wonder, and lots of dangerous giant beasts to kill and carve up like the good specialist hunters we are in-game. The game itself is pretty self-explanatory: you hunt monsters. While watching livestreams of the game over the week I decided to jump into it and it hasn’t disappointed me thus far (third party Xbox One textpad/chatpad not withstanding). The cycle is very basic for how the game works: you prep, you hunt, you harvest, you craft, and you repeat. The game it built to be played with multiple people, however thus far I have traveled alone and the game isn’t unplayable solo – some beasts will be hard to kill but they bleed so they can be killed (thanks Arnold).


Now I’m not too far into the game so I cannot speak much on the end-game content, but for someone new to the game and completely unfamiliar with the universe or supposed: “right way to play” the game does a good job in teaching you how to play – there are no issues there. Feel free to give it a shot if this sort of game interests you; I tried to resist as best I could but on Thursday I finally caved and spent the hard-earned dollars on the game because I am man-enough to pay for my own addictions (I’m looking at you Shepard).


Now folks, take care and we shall talk later.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Assassin’s Creed Origins story discussion.

(Spoilers ahead)

Hello readers,


Star Wars Battlefront 2’s campaign story was made available today so I took some time to watch through the game movie (it is not public release but I’m guessing the channel had permission to release it so I watched it). After finishing the story I figured I’d combine it with the AC Origins discussion I promised a while back as I was working on that and finished it sometime last week – starting things off we have AC Origins.


Origins takes us back to the roots of the Assassin’s Creed universe; we are at the very beginning of both the Templar Order (just: “The Order” back then) and the Brotherhood of Assassins – we see Egypt during a time when Rome was the big boy in the sandbox and Egypt is facing turmoil thanks to internal strife and threats from beyond its borders.


The characters (a couple) lose their son and go on a path of revenge – when they reach the end they discover that The Order operates in other places in the world and that they have to split up to deal with the threat thus forming the Assassins to counter – you guessed it – The Order. Along the way you work for Cleopatra, you find out Caesar is an Order member, and lots of killing is involved.


The story gives the gamer a look into the Assassin’s Order past, but apart from that there isn’t much else to look forward towards. Sure there are tombs of ancient Egyptian monarchs to explore and what not, but the universe feels like an open world with a linear story and nothing else to see off the beaten path; that said all I did was watch the game movie so what do I know, right? The story is satisfactory – you can watch it in the link below:


Next we have Battlefront 2 – I have been waiting for this day since it was announced earlier this year. Starting things off we have our Imperial protagonist of which I did read the Battlefront 2 Inferno Squad book to get a better understanding of who she was and what was going on (listened to the audiobook rather, and it was narrated by the same voice actress as the game’s protagonist). However shortly after a series of setbacks we discover that the Empire is purging loyal worlds to set an example of who is still in charge and our protagonist defects to the New Republic and then fights the war from that perspective right up to the final victory on Jakku. Along the way we meet some colourful characters, the protagonist tries to save her dad but is unsuccessful (he decides to die on the bridge of his Star Destroyer like the good Imperial he was) and the story was overall a fun ride (Albeit short, sadly).


The story was touted as purely an Imperial story, and while it isn’t entirely the case we get something that is more than just: “this story is Imps good, Rebs bad” but rather how loyalties change depending on the circumstances. Indeed the main character and her teammate defect while her close friend and former squad member remains loyal to the Empire, eventually moving on to become part of the First Order; this was a nice touch and while some might get upset that the story wasn’t a full on “remain loyal to Empire and be part of First Order,” it was a good story nonetheless. Definitely worth a look, the link to the full story will be located below:



This concludes the combo review of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Battlefront 2 – thanks for reading everyone and we shall see you next time.