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Net Neutrality (video link)

Hello readers,


Net neutrality is something we should be concerned about if we want equal access to all websites without Internet Service Providers (ISPs) controlling which sites we get to access and limiting our access with pay gates. While not residing in the United States, this issue concerns me greatly as I fear this will affect Youtube, Twitch, and other online services (like Xbox live) that I have come to love and enjoy; therefore rather than make you all read a long piece I have decided to direct you lovely readers to AngryJoe and his rant on this issue (link to video below).


While I myself cannot do much outside of the US to fight the good fight, you folks reading this from the US can – do your part, and keep the internet free and open.


Thanks for your time,

Thoughts and Topics.


Update 10 September 2017.

Hello folks;


Wondering where all the content has gone as of late? Worry not there is no pay wall or anything – I have a different full time job now so I seldom have time to write on this blog. I know Destiny 2 is out, and Uncharted Lost Legacy as well – I watched both cutscene movies in chunks and they were good.


Uncharted went full Tomb Raider, complete with sassy female protagonist and lots of shooting. Destiny 2 feels better than Destiny 1, but at the moment I’m more into games where I can see my characters, and thus a lot of first-person games are pushed aside in favour of titles like Gears of War, Witcher, and so on.


Yet to give an opinion on the story itself, it is a lot better than the first game and shows some improvement where they did the work to improve the experience. However there were bits of the story that felt forced, and I just didn’t feel engaged in the story as I did a title like – say – Final Fantasy 15.


Sadly with less time available after work means that the format of a page-long review of cutscene movies is starting to look like an endangered species. Time will tell if things change, or whether or not I can modify the format to keep the meat but reduce the fat so to speak.


Just thought you folks would like to know what has been happening these past couple of months – hopefully you’ll stick around and with luck I can revise the format of content delivery and we will be back on schedule; with that I thank you all for reading and I shall see you next time.

Livestream schedule correction.

Hello dear readers!


Thus far the whole: “I will stream regularly Monday to Friday on a sort of unfixed schedule” has not gone as planned. Indeed I am finding that I only have Fridays available to Stream from my Xbox; thus I have concluded that I will have to work from that day and see if I can keep that schedule and move up from there.


The livestream schedule will now be Fridays from Mid-afternoons to early evening. Feel free to check out the link below and to bookmark it for Friday livestreams.


Until next time dear readers, take care.


Stream link:

Trying out livestreaming on Xbox One.

Hello folks,


Just a quick post to inform you that I will be playing around with a new feature on Xbox One (new as in I just discovered it) called’s livestreaming service. Basically instead of Twitch I use Beam because it is easier for me at the moment – feel free to check it out at Until I get things settled in I will be streaming on an irregular schedule – more on that on a later date.


Thanks for reading folks, and we shall see you next time.

Slow week(s) and little action.

Hello readers!


Sorry about the lack of content this past week or two; there just hasn’t been anything of interest as of late. Many of you will have noticed that I now cover the story arcs (roughly) of new releases, and at the moment there has been a slow down in releases as we step into the second quarter of 2017 (from what I experienced anyways). However I noticed there were a couple of titles that came out that I never got around to covering – namely Ghost Recon Wildlands.


Well I can say that I did watch the game movie including the two different endings, and while it was alright it felt like a generic military shooter story of: “us good guys go in and mess up bad guys – lots of guns (or Dakka, if you’re an Ork player (40k reference))!” The voice acting was alright and the cutscenes were about what you would expect out of a Tom Clancy story. Yet I cannot help but feel as though I need to cover it at least for the sake of the record – after all I do like to review story arcs more than anything, so maybe that will be something I will work on in the near future.


Now I had a couple of articles in the works this past week, but as time went on I felt it did not reflect my views on certain subject matters so I either left them in a draft state or deleted them. Sometimes this happens where I just lack new ideas to talk about as the week progresses, and so I just do not publish until I am satisfied with the end result.


Hopefully in the coming week I can resolve this drought and get some publishing done – I’m certain you are all itching to read something fresh. Thanks for supporting this blog folks, and I shall see you next time.

A quick update. 19 June 2015

Hello folks,


Unfortunately because I am preparing for a 12-hour night shift, I am unable to write the second E3 report for this blog. Apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused, however work takes priority over non-essential activities like blog writing per se.


Shame too, Square Enix had some good titles, likewise Nintendo held a pretty decent conference with little issues. Being mainly a stream and all, and with no stage, Nintendo manages to deliver a solid performance year after year with this format. Though to be honest I would prefer a live stage and so on, but each company is different.


This has been a quick update folks; again apologies for the lack of the promised second E3 update, but life marches on and so must we all. Take care out there folks, and I’ll see you next time.

A bit of an update on the present state of things. 1 Feb. 2015

Hello folks,


Sunday, a day of rest according to some Christians – I think today in particular I am inclined to agree. Indeed it has been very busy these past few days, and there has been a distinct lack of content on this blog, so hopefully this little update will hold things over until I get some juicy news from the games industry, and whatever else tickles the brain.


The weather’s nice out here on the west coast – can’t say I envy those back east currently buried under mountains of snow. While winter is generally associated with snow and so on, I prefer mild temperatures – keeps things at a comfortable level. Now since I have been busy, I have not really done any sort of gaming apart from the “classics.” Now I use this term loosely as Bad Company 2 may be a classic to some, but it is not necessarily old enough to be deemed as such – though Splinter Cell (the first game) earned that designation some time ago.


Bad Company 2 still plays great, and there are plenty of servers up and running that players can go on, mess around and overall have a good time. Now sure there is Battlefield 3 and 4, but I like Bad Company 2 – it isn’t as graphically demanding (graphics do not make the game), and the combat is essentially the same as the later installments to the series (prone position not withstanding of course). Being the “old school” man that I am (some old stuff I like, otherwise no I generally do not deem everything old school as the best) I chose a revolver and an M1 garand rifle as opposed to all those fancy fully automatic rifles available to players in BFBC2. Something about six-shooters (it isn’t a classic six-shooter, but the revolver design is close enough), and the M1 seem to appeal to me; perhaps it is the history, or the skill and patience required to use these weapons effectively on the battlefield. Whatever the case may be, it is great and I would not give up either of these guns for the alternatives available (unless I feel like kicking down doors SWAT-style and emptying a magazine in under 25 seconds).


Ultimately one can guess that because there is a sudden loss of free time per se, we learn to appreciate what we have in the library when we get access to free time. Sure I may still pursue the latest and greatest, but these days I just examine the material online – saves time, and time is the gold nugget we all seek to gather as much of before we pass away.


Apologies for getting a little “depressing” but as a writer I am entitled to expressing my thoughts, within reasonable limits of course (that stupid [Censored] took my seat, lousy [censored] little [censored]; humor intended). Still, I think readers will appreciate a writer who is honest with them, because finding people who are honest when so much of the outside world encourages us to wear masks is a difficult task indeed.


Alright, I think this is a good time to end today’s update here – thank you all for reading, and I shall see you next time.